About our father Michael W. Goldberg

Father Goldberg is a great man who has been studying the gospel for a very long time. From his father who was also a son of god himself. He began life out as football loving crazed kid. From the age of 12 Michael almost always either had a bible of a football in his hand. He would always be the volunteer to say a prayer before the big game and even every practice. A long time believer that still finds grace in helping those less fortunate when it comes to faith.

So, if you’re new to the church then do not fear! Father Goldberg is here to welcome you with open arms into the church that you can one day become the next father. Michael started out his career in the church as a youth pastor. Teaching children while they are young the basic stories of the lord. Of course those children are now adults and have kids of their own. That’s the beauty of how Michael built this church to where it is today.

Michael worked as a hand at deltonaflcarpetcleaning.com for many years. He worked hard but while he worked in people’s homes he would always share stories of Jesus with his customers. Then of course instead of a tip he would just ask them to instead join him in service then hand them a nice invitation to service.

This helped our church grow more than anything. Everyone knew Michael because of these efforts and made to build this church to where he wanted it to be. Because of Michael’s efforts we have been able to maximize this community into another thing. Having his arms open for everyone that would come to the church and visit was the way that he build this church.


He loves everyone in the community very deeply and desperately wants to be able to build this church across the entire Vero Beach area.