Bless This Local Garage Door Repair Company

Recently one of the garage doors behind the main building in our facility had an issue. When we finished moving boxes out of the garage and went to close it something happened. All I know is I pressed the button and heard a very loud SNAP! After further inspection I came to conclusion that the spring had broken on the door. To my surprise fixing it was easier than I expected.

I of course pulled out my iphone and searched garage door repair on google. I simply called the first garage door company I seen and they where there within the hour. It was actually very impressive. But what was most impressive was that a long going church member of ours was the employee that actually came out and fixed the door.

He finished the job and had to door functioning perfectly in less than half a hour. I was so surprised it was that simple and rushed to grab my wallet. Of course the young man decided to do the job for free even after I insisted that he take the money. Although I normally don’t brag on actions like this but this man did an incredable job and didnt even ask a dime for it! God bless him and the garage door company.

Being stuck in a garage by a broken garage door will not stop the lord!

With our new garage door installed in our home, we have been able to fight this cold weather easier and push on to church every Sunday on time as usual. This past Sunday as you may know my wife and I showed up just a few minutes late to Sunday’s service. Although the devil attempted to stop god’s grace from allowing me to preach at the service my persistence and gods powers got me to the church safe and sound.

I was leaving my home to get to church on Sunday an hour early as usual. When I went to open up the garage door. The springs snapped and made a loud BANG! After waking my family up and putting them in a worrisome mood. I decided to call a garage door repair company. I normally can fix just about anything by myself. However ever this door would not budge.

At nearly 200 pounds and being jammed on the end the door would not budge. I tried and tried but luckly there way a 24 hour garage door repair company around the street that rushed right over. Within an hour the door was in working condition again. Giving me the chance to arivice at the 9:00am service at exactly the right time.